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Hungarian Parliamentary Collection

Hungarian Parliamentary Collection

Established in 1962, the special collection called Hungarian Parliamentary Collection is the biggest public collection of documents of the Hungarian Parliament.

Preserving parliamentary documents was a key purpose of creating the Parliamentary Library itself, and systematic collection began in the 1890s. Pursuant to a parliamentary resolution on Standing Orders, collecting parliamentary documents has remained a key task of this library.

Parts of the collection

Rare books and manuscripts in this collection (1580-1849):

  • mostly hand-written primary sources of legislative activities from the period 1580–1790;
  • papers, records of debates and reports of the Transylvanian Diet as from 1699;
  • Bequest from György Gyurikovits, who was a member of the Diet and a judge of the county court of Pozsony (Pressburg, now Bratislava in Slovakia) (1783–1849);
  • hand-written reports of the Diet in Pressburg from the first half of the 19th century;
  • documents of regnicolaris deputatio (standing and ad hoc political committees comprising deputies from both Houses of the Diet);
  • documents of Diets from the Reform Age (early 19th century): records of constituency meetings, reports by parliamentary delegates, and instructions for parliamentary deputies;
  • proclamations from 1848 (appeals and leaflets);
  • documents of the first national assembly that was elected on the basis of people’s representation (1848­–49).

Original parliamentary documents (1861-1990):

  • Standing Orders and agendas;
  • official records of parliamentary debates, papers and indexes;
  • budgets and final accounts;
  • parliamentary almanacs;
  • registers of names and addresses and lists of committee members;
  • records of Austro–Hungarian committees; budgets on how to finance Austro–Hungarian common affairs (from the time of Austria–Hungary);
  • electoral maps,
  • records of the debates of standing committees as from 1957.

After 1990:

On open shelves you can find a reference collection of books about the history of Hungary and the history of the National Assembly, as well as methodology brochures and statistical booklets issued by the Parliament. All documents covering the National Assembly are on open shelves, arranged chronologically. These documents are for on-site use but you can have copies made of them for a fee.

Certain items of the collection can also be accessed on our website in a digitized form:

  • Standing Orders and agendas of the National Assembly between 1848 and 1990 ;
  • records of parliamentary debates, related indexes and parliamentary papers from 1861 onwards;
  • almanacs of Members of Parliament between 1886 and 1939;
  • Hungary’s central budget between 1868 and 1949;
  • parliamentary papers as part of the bequest from Gyurikovits;
  • electoral maps from the era of Austria–Hungary.



Reference Librarian: Judit Villám
Phone: (+36-1) 441-4658
E-mail: judit.villam(at)

Reference Librarian: Balázs Maltsik
Phone: (+36-1) 441-4090
E-mail: maltsik.balazs(at)


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