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Group visits

Our library provides an opportunity for groups to visit the library and learn more about the institution. Visits usually include a presentation and a guided tour in the library spaces led by librarians. A group visit may take about 60-90 mins.

Groups of higher education students, secondary-school students or teachers, librarians and other professional visitors as well as anyone interested in the library are welcome to sign up for a guided tour in one the following subject areas:

- On the occasion of a general introduction tour we offer an overview of the library’s history, built environment, its holdings, collections and services
- If you wish to gain a deeper insight into some of our special collections, you can discover them in more detail:

  • Hungarian Parliamentary Collection,
  • Foreign Parliamentary Collection,
  • United Nations Depository Collection,
  • European Union Depository Collection,
  • Ghyczy Ignácz Rare Books and Manuscripts Exhibition Space

At the end of the guided tour visitors may register with the library.

To sign up for a group visit, please fill in our registration form, which may be accepted only if completed electronically.
The filled-in registration form shall be returned to us 5 working days prior to your planned visit the latest!

To arrange the content and technical details of your visit please contact

Edit Karacsné Isaszegi
Tel.: (+36-1) 441-4208
Mobile: (+36-30) 297-4612
e-mail: latogatas(at)ogyk.hu


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